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So, dear friend, are you thinking about joining me for a leg of the 1900 Footprints trek? That's so exciting! Seriously, I'll probably go a bit crazy if I don't have company from time to time, so any time I get to see one of your beautiful faces is going to be a real treat!

It's definitely true that there's strength in numbers, so I'd be very happy to have you along.

To see where you might like to join the walk, have a look at the route map and approximate dates for locations to meet up along the route.

Below are some things that you might want to consider beforehand:

  • Become a part of the Donation Team and help to raise funds that will go to the charities! (Optional, but super easy! It could simply be taking small donations from people at school/work.)

  • When would you like to join me and for how long?

  • How will you get to our meeting point and get back at the end?

  • Are you able to be self-sufficient and take responsibility for yourself? Unfortunately I cannot insure you and neither can the charities for which we are raising money.

  • Do you have all the necessary gear? We can discuss options on this point.

  • Will you be ready for some physically demanding days? 

Fill out the form below with some answers to those questions and that'll be a pretty good place to figuring it all out. Can't wait to have you on board!

Much love,


Join the 1900 Footprints Journey!

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