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Day 1: Beginning a Journey

Well what a cracker of a day! I can't quite believe it all!

The day started with friends and family at the Conservation Council of South Australia's offices at The Joinery, where friends and family begun the walk with me at 9 am.

I left my last walking supporter halfway up Greenhill Rd, and by the time I had gotten to the foothills it had started raining.

Pouring in fact! But it didn't dampen my spirits, I think I was still running on adrenaline.

Throughout the day I was receiving notifications of people's donations and attention on social media, which I think elevated my spirits even higher.

I passed through Greenhill, Uraidla, Balhannah and Woodside... which is when I realised I should have turned off a little earlier! In returning to my planned route I think I accidentally added 5 km to the day.

My hamstrings were a little sore but all in all I couldn't have had a more positive start.

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