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Day 31: Living a Life of Leisure

I woke up to a house quickly emptying of my hosting family, so made sure to get a photo before I was left to my own devices. Then after a quick breakfast I was away and heading to the Main Street of Barwon Heads to meet Catherine, whom I know from Wollangarra, with whom I was going to be walking with for the day, and also staying at her family’s house in Queenscliff that night.

With company the day passed very, very quickly! We were stopped a few times by people curious about the project and again received warm support. Catherine and I were mostly following a well established track through the dunes between Barwon Heads and Queenscliff, stopping for lunch overlooking the entrance to Port Phillip Bay at Point Lonsdale. It was a beautiful clear, warm day and we were in the perfect spot for lunch.

After following a rail trail into Queenscliff we arrived at the Nitz family home, where we were welcomed by Catherine’s sister Bernadette, mother Monica and friend James, all of whom are Wollangarra regulars and a big part of the community.

In the following hours we mended my flat tyre by replacing the tube, siliconed the lid where the solar cable entered (as it had been letting in water), snacked on biscuits and chocolates, and then I had a rest while the others went unicycling. When father Ross came home from taking his Scout group out paddling we feasted on Kangaroo-mince lasagna and a dessert of home-made apricot sorbet with vegan meringue (made with chickpea juice instead of egg-whites). Did I ever feel spoilt!

We finished the evening with a fast game of Settlers of Catan, after which it was evident that it was only the second time I had played. But what a great game! I could get used to travelling this way!

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