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Day 33: Good Morning(ton)!

Camped on the edge of the Nepean Highway, it was inevitable that I would be woken early by the stream of traffic making its way to myriad destinations to begin a new day. Despite this I still managed to snooze through two alarms and wake up late. Overnight it had rained lightly for what seemed like the whole night, so I was surprised but pleased to find the tent almost dry by the time I was ready to pack up. Tonight I'm planning to stay with my good mate Fraser and his mum Lucy in Mornington, so packing a dry tent would mean I wouldn’t need to think about drying it later. What an excellent start to the day!

Having covered more ground than anticipated yesterday, I only had 15 km or so to achieve today. Again, they seemed to pass quickly, especially as I was listening to a podcast. I've found it’s much nicer having one on while walking on the side of a busy highway as it distracts me from the noise and wind generated by countless passing cars who have no chance to stop and say hello. Still, perhaps I was a bit too distracted because for the third time since leaving Adelaide I took the wrong route and added a few kilometres to the day’s distance.

I arrived at Fraser’s in the early afternoon to find him studying for his Year 12 exams. His mother Lucy was on her way out the door but I also met Humphrey their big, beautiful and unstoppable black labrador who is pure enthusiasm and happiness personified. I had a shower and we went to get some lunch, coming back to pretty much just hang out for the afternoon, which was the best thing ever! I also had a massage organised by my friend Dan, who lives north of here and with whom I’ll be walking on Tuesday. Thanks Dan!

Lucy, Fraser and I later ate dinner and watched The Incredibles in front of a warm open fire. By the time the film finished we were all falling asleep and it was time to go to bed. It was such an enjoyable evening, and the first in a while where I have not thought about catching up on any organisation for the trip. Again, it felt like being home. Thank you very much Fraser and Lucy and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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