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Tristan grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, where, as a young person, he experienced nature as part of his everyday environment. He studied biology at university under the supervision of David Paton AM, and has worked in environmental science, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity policy development and more recently in outdoor education and nature interpretation guiding. His professional interests now lie in the social, health and environmental benefits of reconnecting people with the natural world.


1900 Footprints has been an idea Tristan has been developing since late 2014 whilst working in the fast-pace, urban corporate world that allowed him to recognise the need of slowing down in our day-to-day lives.


"Because the majority of Australia's, and the world's population now lives in cities, as a community we have lost the benefits to development, health and social cohesion that nature exposure provides. This means we have also lost some of our understanding about why protecting nature is important. 1900 Footprints is my way of highlighting why as a society, reconnecting with nature is needed now more than ever." - Tristan O'Brien

Walking, rather than riding a bike, will give Tristan the right pace to be able to observe and connect with the country he is entering and give him the opportunity to talk to local people and other travellers on the journey.


1900 Footprints is only possible because of the generous support of Tristan’s family and friends.

About Tristan

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