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The purpose of 1900 Footprints is to raise awareness for conservation in Australia, and to encourage Australians to reconnect with the natural world around them for social, community and environmental benefits. In this country alone, there are more than 1900 animals and plants listed as either threatened or endangered at a Federal level. Unfortunately, this list continues to grow and rarely are species removed from this list for reasons other than extinction.

Although awareness of environmental issues is growing in Australia, many struggle to find ways in which we can directly participate in solutions. More than 90% of Australians live in cities, so have lost some connection, and therefore lost the value we place in saving natural areas from destruction. Living in cities also reduces our ability to be aware of our own ecological footprint, as we are removed from the source of the resources we consume and distant from the effects of the waste we produce.


Tristan will be walking to raise awareness and funds for two outstanding environmental organisations in Australia: BioR and Wollangarra.

About 1900 Footprints

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