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One kilometre for each of 1900 threatened species; the need to reduce our ecological footprints.


1900 Footprints.


The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness for conservation in Australia, and to encourage Australians to reconnect with the natural world around them.


Setting out from Adelaide on 18 September, Tristan will walk east towards Melbourne, taking time to talk to people about the 1900 Footprints mission and charities he will be supporting along the way. From early October, a ferry will take him from Melbourne to Tasmania, where he will finish his journey of over 1900 km by the end of 2017.


Click here for a more detailed version of the route.


Friends and acquaintances will join him for legs of the journey and he will keep us updated about his activities through social media and photo essays.


You can follow his progress here.

Would you like to be involved some way? Donate to the walk or get in touch with Tristan!

1900 Footprints map

The Walk

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