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April Planning Update

Thanks everyone for getting involved in 1900 Footprints!

Planning, planning, planning is what is happening at this early stage. For the most part, all the facilities to make donations are up and running, but we're really more interested in spreading the word of 1900 Footprints as far and as wide as possible to get as many followers on board with the newsletter, Facebook and Instagram before the walk starts in September. If you haven't yet had a chance to read in-depth about what we're doing, please visit the About pages on the website.

In the last few weeks we've met with Sebastian from, the crowdfunding service we'll be using, and Tom and Fi from BioR, one of the two organisations for which we'll be fundraising.

Sebastian was super helpful in helping to brainstorm ideas about how to get as much out of the crowdfunding campaign as possible, and I hope to get super organised in this way over the next few months.

Tom and Fi from BioR were fantastically helpful in choosing a fundraising goal for BioR (which we will talk about later on) and also offering their support along the journey. We couldn't have found a nicer organisation for which to fundraise!

We have also bought a 6 year-old pram(!), which we're hoping to convert into the best gear-trolley there ever was with the help of some local organisations. I'm sure this will be a fun process but may have to be left until much closer to the setting-off date.

To make it all a little bit more complicated, in a few days time I'll be heading to Canada until early September! This will mean much of the trip planning and preparation will have to happen whilst I'm over there hiking, which will hopefully also suffice as fitness training...

I'll leave it there for now, but thanks for reading, spread the word and I'll continue to keep you posted!


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