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One Footprint Lost, One Gained: One Planet

It is true when they say that when one door closes, another opens. Earlier this week you may have heard on the 1900 Footprints Facebook page that our first sponsor, Footprints Gear, was closing its doors. It's unfortunate, but often the reality of the struggle of running a social enterprise.

However, I am absolutely thrilled to announce some more news on the sponsor front!

One Planet Comes Onboard

One Planet, in my opinion the most highly regarded Australian outdoor brand amongst professionals, has come onboard to support the walk by providing some essential gear!

It makes me particularly chuffed as I have carried one of the McMillan hiking packs made by One Planet across continents, and can genuinely say that they make their gear with practicality and longevity in mind. The majority of their gear is also made right here in Australia (in Melbourne), and I have previously had the pleasure of walking into their retail store on Little Bourke St to be served by the owner and Managing Director himself, Andrew King!

One Planet will be providing me with water carriers and a duffel bag that will be essential for surviving long distances between water sources and securely protecting other essential gear from the elements. I'm keen to get home and try them out before they are put to the real test of surviving 1900 km in all sorts of conditions!

I'd like to thank One Planet for their generosity and look forward to getting on the road with the gear to test it out!

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