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1900 Footprints Karma Keg at Nola

Fancy a craft beer or two for a cause? Come along to NOLA, Adelaide's home of craft beer and cajun food, on September 2nd for our Karma Keg fundraising event for 1900 Footprints!

How Does it Work? Buy beers from our keg and tip a little extra on top as a donation to a great cause. 1900 Footprints will receive all profits from the keg and you'll receive some great karma due your way! NOLA is kindly donating their hospitality for the evening to help support 1900 Footprints. How's about their karma?! Keen for karma? Come along with some friends to help celebrate this unorthodox adventure with me and make a night of it. After all, it's been a while since I've been in Adelaide so it will be a great opportunity for us to catch up, all while doing it for a cause! So make sure you arrive thirsty and with lots of good karma to share!

Let us know you're coming by clicking 'Going' on 1900 Footprints Karma Keg at Nola Facebook event:

Can't make it? Don't worry! Karma can still come your way through making a donation at

See you there!


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